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Last year my Dell computer with Microsoft XP crashed with a fatal error “root\system32\hal.dll missing”. I was not able to restart, log back in safe mode, or do much of anything to recover my hard drive files. I tried some fixes using internet help sites, calling the Dell Service line, and even took it to the Best Buy Geek Squad for assistance. The Geek Squad even said that the computer was too corrupted for them to do anything. I then looked into professional data recovery services, and cam...  More
- Bill B. (Lake Grove, NY)

Before finding Networks by Design, a consultant told us that our Hard Drive was unrecoverable and we would need to send it to a "White Room" or "Clean Room" in California. This would've been very expensive and time consuming. Luckily I found Networks by Design. Steve walked me through their process, offered a better solution, and took the HD the same day. They Recovered all our Data! Thanks Steve. We got our Pictures, Documents, E-mail's and my Address book back! Your customer service is zero to...  More
- Jon C.

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West Islip Data Recovery Services of New York

Providing Data Recovery, Data Extraction, Whiteroom,
Data Disk Recovery throughout West Islip New York

Click here and fill out this simple form to the best of your ability. Some one will contact you shortly about your missing data in Long Island

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*No Data, No Charge !!!


About our Computer Data Recovery Service and Process

Networks by Design Whiteroom Data RecoverNetworks by Design, Inc. has a long standing reputation as #1 Long Island Data Recovery Service.  We offer you a fast, and cost-effective West Islip data recovery solutions to get your data off your broken hard drives, flash drives, SD cards and more. We are able to extract lost data from Hard Drives including the most popular drive types IDE, SATA, eSATA, SD Cards, Memory Chips, SCSI, RAID array hard drives. We also can recover data from Broken / Formatted Memory Card, Chips, USB Thumb Drives and other Devices that save data.

There are numerous aspects which could add to lost information, whether it was your very own fault or a technical failure such corrupt software or a crashed hard drive. Our Data recovery experts will have the procedures and equipment to ensure recovery. Our staff of Data recovery experts are competent and able to to deal with any recovery project, including computer systems to digital camera operators.

Steps to Recovering Your Data

- Stop Using Drive Immediately.
- Do Not Open Drive Casing.
- Do Not Reformat or Defrag the drive.
- Keep drive in a cool dry place. (Not the freezer)
- Data Recovery FAQ's
- Contact Networks by Design 516-889-0777
- Fill out the Data Recovery Form


What types of situations have you seen with your West Islip data recovery services?

Through the years our list of data retrieval experiences have grown and we have seen a lot of unique data recovery situations where our West Islip data recovery services are the only option a family or business could have.

We have worked with:

  • Countless families with photos and videos who thought they would be lost forever.
  • Accountants who have lost all there Quickbook and clients information.
  • Teachers who have lost all their lesson plans who needed West Islip data recovery.
  • Lawyers with important documents that streamlined their business.
  • Medical office data recovery for our clients who lost all of their medical billing and electronically saved images/xrays/voice recording and more.
  • Insurance companies getting them back all the clients information, forms and policy information and notes.
  • Printing companies getting back years of work and saved images that was needed for repeat orders.
  • Public companies who lost all of the financial information because it was the only server not backed up for the year and needed it back in 24 hours.
  • Service industries including plumbers and electricians who had all customer information, addresses, credit card information and service contract, dispatch and schedules lost until contacting Networks by Design.

Do not let your loss of an essential file closed down your company or social life. Think about making use Networks by Design, Inc. we are trustworthy West Islip data-recovery service helping people and businesses gain back and recover lost files. From computer files to memory cards, the majority of our business is data recovery and we can help in the recovery of your lost hard drive data files.

If you have actually lost crucial or emotional data due to hard drive failure, you require Networks by Design to perform professional data recovery. We are not just a tech company, we have invested $10,000's into equipment and special imaging devices specialized for hard drive crashes. There are many data disk recovery companies to pick from near West Islip but feel free to visit our  Youtube Channel or watch some reviews below.

Someone will contact you shortly data disk problems

I thought RAID is indestructible?

Although RAID can be configured in many types of configurations yes it is highly reliable but many things can also go wrong with hard drives. One of the most common mistakes is when a inexperienced technician is assigned to fix it but only makes it worse. As you know there are many types of RAID setups however if it stops working and if your experience is lacking we are an experienced local West Islip, NY RAID data disk recovery solution to get your data back and your business up and running. RAID West Islip data recovery recovery is a multiple step process for a quote call 516-889-0777 and let us know everything you know.

West Islip Data Recovery

What can be recovered?

With our West Islip File Recovery Service their is a No Data, No Charge policy. Whether you use personal computers, workstations, laptops, Netbooks or Servers, these machines can and do fail. Everyday, we recover family photos, business documents, tax forms, financial documents and more. Networks by Design takes pride in helping you through this traumatic experience. 

Need West Islip Data Recovery or Data Extraction?

Our West Islip Hard Drive Data Recovery Specialists will do their best to get your data back, and if we cannot retrieve your data, we only charge for shipping & handling to return your broken hard drive. Yes, you can bring it to our location where you can meet and greet us.

Our company has two types of recovery:

  1. In-house Data Recovery - We have expensive machines and various methods we use to retrieve data.
  2. Whiteroom service from our Class 100 Whiteroom.

Each type of recovery has three levels:

  • Standard
  • Priority
  • Emergency On-site service.
  • Call to discuss pricing. All standard non-whiteroom diagnostic services are free of charge.
Networks by Design will be happy to help you get your data back. Our Extraction process is affordable and done right on premises on Long Island, New York. We are only a short drive away from Long Island and moments away from getting your data back!
Windows XP Data Recovery
Windows Vista Data Recovery
Windows 7 Data Recovery
Windows 8 Data Recovery
Digital Camera Data Recovery
DVR Data Recovery

Fire & Water Damaged Laptop
Recovery 98% Successful

Smashed on floor by spouse
Recovery 100% successful


Data Recovery Imaging

Data Recovery Imaging

RAID Recovery

Recover data from a damaged or failed RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1, or RAID 5 hard drive configurations.
Recover data from a damaged or failed RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1, or RAID 5 hard drive configurations
Windows Data Recovery
Recover data from a damaged or failed hard drive with Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, ME, 2000/NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2000/NT Server, 2003 and 2008 Server operating systems.

Macintosh (Apple) Data Recovery
Recover data from a damaged or failed hard drive with Macintosh (Apple) OS X operating systems.

Recover data from a damaged or failed hard drive with Apple Macintosh OSX operating systems.

Linux / Unix Data Recovery
Recover data from a damaged or failed hard drive with Linux/Unix based operating systems.

Recover data from a damaged or failed hard drive with Linux/Unix based operating systems.

Novell Netware Recovery
Recover data from damaged or failed Novell Netware Server Volumes.

Recover data from damaged or failed Novell Netware Server Volumes.

Microsoft Office File Recovery
Recover lost or damaged Microsoft files, repair and restore your Microsoft files; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Outlook Express, business documents, tax forms, financial documents.
Recover lost or damaged Microsoft files, repair and restore your Microsoft files. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook or Outlook Express family photos, business documents, tax forms, financial documents
Digital Media Recovery
Recover data from Digital Camera's CD's, DVD's, USB Thumb Drives, USB Jump drives, USB Flash drives, Memory sticks, Smart Cards, Memory Sticks, Floppy Disks, and Zip/Jazz Disks.

Recover data from Digital Cameras CDs, DVDs, USB Thumb Drives, Smart Cards, Memory Sticks, Floppy Disks, and Zip/Jazz Disks.

Recover lost or damaged Quickens, TubroTax, TaxACT, Quickbooks files through our long island Quickens, TubroTax, TaxACT, Quickbooks Data Recovery Service.

CCTV / DVR Data Recovery
Recovering lost video files is sometimes a huge hassle. Luckily we are able to assist you in recovering those files. If they exist we will be able to help you make them viewable again. We deal with many security companies looking to find video for law suits, clients and other situations. Allow us to help you..

Recover lost or damaged video files through your non working DVR or Video CCTV systems.

Long Island New York Data Recovery Services

Your hard drive crashed and our West Islip data recovery service gets data back!

What should you and your company do when everything goes wrong and your important data is no longer accessible? We deal with clients daily that have the stress of data loss due to hardware fault, physical mishap, user error, virus attack or any other reason. For most people entering the data recovery market might be a scary thought but rest assure Networks by Design is the premiere data recovery service for people in and around West Islip. When talking to us just make sure you explain what happened, who has looked at it and what steps have been taken to retrieve the data. The sooner you contact us for West Islip data recovery the better. For a better chance of a successful data recovery we would ask you to not have people/technicians looking at your drive if they are not data recovery experts. Most times these people do more harm then good.

What separates our company from other data recovery companies near West Islip, NY

Basically the data recovery market and so called data recovery specialist consist of untrained computer technicians with software based data recovery methods that mostly do more harm then good. Sometimes this software can work but when the hard drive has been chewed up due to natural disaster, fires, read/write errors, accidental drops or circuit board failure, the users are advised to consult an experienced West Islip data recovery services only. Networks by Design has experience getting back files for many reasons including accidental deletion, virus attack, operating system faults, in short all the logical problems, including data corruption. With our years of experience we can put you back into your comfort zone.

Technology's not perfect

As the world of technology improves daily, we rely on our Hard Drives not to fail.  When catastrophes happen we can get your hard drive data back. We know data on West Islip is always precious and we know how important Data Recovery Services will be for you! Networks By Design's Data Recovery Service, has and will continue to lead the way, for a Cost Effective Data Recovery solution.

We can backup your recovered data onto another Drive or on DVD’s. There are many reasons to consider recovering your data; if you have deleted a file you needed, hardware and software crash and you need your Log and Configuration files, corrupted data, and so on.

Using our Data Recovery Services on your hard drive (s) and RAID data recovery process will not void your original disk drive warranty.

If you would like to speak with a Networks by Design, Inc. Technician;
Call us at 516-889-0777

Need Data Recovery in the New York Metro Area?
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, or Nassau County, or Suffolk County

We Can Help !!

Data Recovery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a clean room?
Yes, We have a class-100 clean room at an offsite facility where we work on drive internals.  Sometimes it's necessary to work on the internals of a drive chassis in order to recover data.  This type of work should only be done in a dust free environment.  Sometimes when drives need to go to the clean room, a surcharge may be necessary.  This surcharge is due to the extra time, labor, and replacement parts.

If you guys fail, will I be able to go to another service for an attempt?
Of course, although in most cases where we notice physical damage to the platters, we'll probably suggest you do not.  

How long will it take to get my data back?
The average service time on a standard data recovery service, can take up to 5 business days. If the drive needs to go to our clean room or parts are need to be ordered, the recovery time can take up to 7 business days after the initial evaluation. Please note, that these time frames are estimations, we do not guarantee service will be complete in 7 business days.  Due to problems that your hard drive may have, it may take longer. However when you drop your drive off, we do not keep you in the dark. We inform you about every step of the way, when we know. 

What type of payment do you accept?
WeWe accept cash, certified check, wire transfer, money order, Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discover. Please call with any other types of payment. Checks must be cleared before data is released.

What do I need to bring into your facility
For data recovery please explain the situation. We need the device in question. Sometimes we need the entire server or computer. Please call us, that way we can get a full description of the problem, and tailor the job to you.  Every job is different. 

Do you do software recovery's only?
NNo.  We have expensive imaging machines, a class 100 whiteroom, we can open the Hard Drive, but in and off-site location.

Should I try and tap on my hard drive to get it spinning again?
No.  If a failing hard drive get tapped, this can cause more damage.

Should I Try The Infamous Freezer Trick?
Yes and No. There has been articles showing it works. However it doesn't work with a majority of issues and the trick only works for specialized specific issues. It's like replacing a spark plug when you need a new alternator. It is also dangerous due to condensation buildup, this may ruin your hard drive making recovery impossible. If the hard drive data means that much to you that you cannot lose it, take it to a professional West Islip data recovery company and do not endanger the hard drive more then it already is.  Please call us (516)889-0777 and explain your failed data recovery situation.

How will I get my information back?
Due to the size of your media, we can only give you options, and let you choose. We can recover information on CD's, DVD's, Hard Drives, Flash Drives or SD Cards. We do not recommend you buy anything, until we inform you that the data can come off.

I live on or near Long Island, New York, can I drop off my hard drive?
Yes, you can drop the hard drive off at our 24/7 Drop Off Center, located at 10 West Broadway, Long Beach, New York marked Suite 11L, after completing our Online Data Recovery Form.

I lost my restore CDs/DVDs that came with my computer, can you back up my Applications (Programs)?
Unfortunately we can't.  When a Computer Application (program) is installed onto a computer, files get saved to multiple directories in more than 50 locations on the hard drive.  It would be easier for us, just to re-install the Computer Application (program), than to backup it up.  If you need help getting replacement restore CDs/DVDs or a Computer Application (program) Disc/Disk, please contact us 516-889-0777 and we will assist you, in getting replacement Restore Discs.

Click here and fill out this simple form to the best of your ability. Some one will contact you shortly about your missing data in Long Island


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