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Before finding Networks by Design, a consultant told us that our Hard Drive was unrecoverable and we would need to send it to a "White Room" or "Clean Room" in California. This would've been very expensive and time consuming. Luckily I found Networks by Design. Steve walked me through their process, offered a better solution, and took the HD the same day. They Recovered all our Data! Thanks Steve. We got our Pictures, Documents, E-mail's and my Address book back! Your customer service is zero to...  More
- Jon C.

Last year my Dell computer with Microsoft XP crashed with a fatal error “root\system32\hal.dll missing”. I was not able to restart, log back in safe mode, or do much of anything to recover my hard drive files. I tried some fixes using internet help sites, calling the Dell Service line, and even took it to the Best Buy Geek Squad for assistance. The Geek Squad even said that the computer was too corrupted for them to do anything. I then looked into professional data recovery services, and cam...  More
- Bill B. (Lake Grove, NY)

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Long Island Wireless Networking
Repair & Consulting Services

If you would like to schedule a professional on-site service call;

Nassau: (516)889-0777
Suffolk: (631)346-6231

24/7 Drop Off Includes FREE DIAGNOSTICS!

Professional Long Island Wireless Network Repair, Maintenance & Installation

Specializing in Long Island Secure Wireless Network Solutions, Wireless Networking & Print Servers Setup



Long Island Wireless Networking Services

Networks by Design, Inc. Wireless Networking Services have technicians located on Long Island, New York. We have a combined experience of over 25 years in computer networking & wireless networking troubleshooting and consulting. We have worked with many small businesses and homes throughout Long Island. Our staff is able to guide you through the entire process.

Our consultants are able to:

Long Island WIFI

  • Plan out the proper coverage area
  • Tip and Run Necessary Cables
  • Hide any visible wires
  • Troubleshoot, Configure Entire Network
  • Static IP's
  • Recommended parts
  • Buy the proper hardware
  • Install all of the proper drivers
  • Get the internet running fully
  • Setup secure network
  • Remote desktop setup / troubleshoot
  • VPN
  • Share folders, files throughout network
  • Setup users with permissions
  • Testing hardware
  • Assist in the switchover from wired internet to secure wireless
  • Boost weak signals
  • and more





We are the Long Island, NY Wireless Network Repair & Troubleshooting Technicians


If you would like to schedule a professional on-site service call;

CALL NOW (516)889-0777


Long Island Commercial Wireless Repair


When dealing with Networks by Design, Inc. we have the right tools, knowledge and troubleshooting skills to make the most out of your computer, workstation or wireless environment. We have the ability to walk right into any situation give you fare quote and agree to do the work. We have walked into many situations and came out with a functioning network. Many times we walk into situations were the previous tech only half set things up or just have the wrong equipment. Many times experience can help get you out of any jam and working again. We understand that downtime is money lost.

Long Island Home Wireless Repair

We also work with households that need to get there internet working again. We can fix printers that are no longer seen to figuring out why the signal is so weak in certain area's around the house and more. Sometimes problems are simple or they can be complex. We are always willing to help people get there equipment functioning again and to give people fare options. Please if you have any questions give us a call (516)889-0777 we are here to help. We have technicians across Long Island ready to help you get your internet working again.

Our Long Island wireless networking service technicians Repair problems like Wireless networkwork services

  • Connectivity problems
  • Lock out old employee's and
  • Lock out old techs & staff that could compromise your business
  • Reconnecting lost printers and folders into the network
  • Eliminate network errors
  • Changing WEP keys
  • Add new users / computers to network
  • As well as other tasks that every computer network should have.
  • Allow our technicians to handle your entire network.
  • No contact necessary, but they are available.







Long Island, NY Wireless Network Consultants


If you would like to schedule a professional on-site service call;

CALL NOW (516)889-0777


Looking to go wireless but don't know what is needed to get going?

Long Island Wireless Consultant


We'll we do. We have years of experience in shopping for equipment that will last as well as making sure everything is wired correctly. We have consulted many homes and businesses for wireless internet that are not only functioning but secure. We understand that most people do not want running across rooms or don't want to drill through walls. Dealing with a company that can survey your home, office or property we will be able to create the wireless range you need. We have experience buying many brand names and know which work and which to avoid. We also know how to install, setup and configure a wireless network to share printers, files and folders securely through this network.

Commercial Wireless Consultants

Working as a consultant has it's perks. We have setup and maintained wireless networks throughout Long Island and NYC. We believe that if there are people that can hang out and you can make money off them..

Our Long Island wireless networking service technicians confront problems like

  • Wiring, installation
  • Setup of wireless networks
  • Surveying your Land
  • Creating a secure WI-FI zone
  • Setting up a home or office network
  • Setting up users with file permissions (keep people out of the places they shouldn't access)
  • Offer other features that every computer network should have.
  • No contact necessary, but they are available.




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