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I use my computer for a home based business and a virus hit my computer. I could not do anything the computer wouldn't even go online. I called Networks by Design they picked up my computer and had it back to me within 3 days. They are a great company that I will recommend to friends, family and colleges. You guys are the best.
- Diane G. (Long Beach, NY)

On Friday evening (June 2, 2006) disaster struck. My roommate spilled a glass of water on her laptop which was turned on and running. Although we immediately unplugged the laptop and gave it a week to dry out, it never came to life again. That's when I called Steve at Networks by Design. I dropped off the machine at a local drop off point (very convenient) and he called within a day to tell me both the good and the bad news. The bad news is that the machine couldn't be saved. The good news is th...  More
- Karen Fetty

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Long Island Data Backup Solutions

We provide professional on-site service calls.


Nassau: (516) 889-0777

Suffolk: (631) 346-6231

24/7 Drop Off Includes FREE DIAGNOSTICS!


Have a Home or Business that Needs an Automatic Backup Solution in or near Long Island?

Never lose your files again. Let us install a Professional Automatic Data Backup Systems for you!

Long Island Data Backup Setup

 Networks by Design has many different ways to backup your business or home files with state of the art data backup solutions. We have the ability to transfer your files from one hard drive or system to another.

Top 4 Reasons to have a data backed system:

  1. Never Lose Your Business Files
  2. Lost Data Cripples Business
  3. Minimize Downtime
  4. Do NOT lose photos, videos, documents, emails and more
  5. Peace of Mind knowing you're safe.

Allow us to help you choose the best backup solution for your home of office.  There are many more reasons but the reasons listed above are 95% of the reason for people contacting us. By having an automatic backup solution in place you will have peace of mind knowing that your data is setup to be backed up. Many people take technology for granted. We understand that technology fails so by having a backup solution in place your business or personal information is ready to be restored if your system fails.

What type of computers can be backed up?

Any Laptop, Personal Computer, Server or Workstation is able to be backed up.

Yes, All operating systems are supported: Windows, Linux, Macintosh.

What do we recommend to clients?

Depending on your situation we have many different ways to achieve data protection. This solution is for any home or business and depending on the size we have different options. We feel you can never be too safe when it comes to your business and it's documents.

We offer service contracts and managed services to make sure your computers are running without errors. Sure we can do a check up on our system and workstations as often as you would like. But these services will make us aware if your backup is not working or if computers have errors. It can even tell us if you don't have windows updated properly. This is not required but for your business it's worth discussing.

Losing Data WILL make you lose sleep

Solutions for your home or business

Because we have had years of experience we know which systems work with the least hassle. There are systems out there that require you to change tapes daily, which often lead to errors and a daily routine that people often forget. Then there are backup systems available in Long Island that work on there own with minimal effort with maximum protection. These systems are designed to keep you from losing your business and it's important information.

We deal with companies all the time that say they don't need it until there system fails

Many times customers come to us when it's too late to try and get back there lost pictures, documents, financial records, spreadsheets, address books, emails and much more. We are happy to help them but it could of all been avoided if they just had a backup solution to keep them safe.

Why do hard drives die?

  • Old Age
  • Environmental conditions
  • Accidents
  • Dropping
  • Power Surges
  • Brown Outs
  • Black Outs
  • Spilt Liquids
  • Children
  • Cleaning Crew
  • and many more.

Who needs a backup solution?

  • Businesses

  • Homes

  • Everyone

How much does a good backup solution cost?

  • Depends on the users and the setup process.
  • We would be happy to help you price it out based on your budget.
  • It cost a lot less than if your server crashed and the downtime it would cost.

Need to have a solution that will work every time.  We can provide that!


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