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I was completely assisted through every step of the process. The Tech was helpful and had great knowledge of programs. Had me fixed very fast. Saved me a fortune compared to other computer repair services out there. Overall experience was positive and I would not hesitate to refer your services. I already have been refering you!
- Lynn M. (Islip, NY)

On Friday evening (June 2, 2006) disaster struck. My roommate spilled a glass of water on her laptop which was turned on and running. Although we immediately unplugged the laptop and gave it a week to dry out, it never came to life again. That's when I called Steve at Networks by Design. I dropped off the machine at a local drop off point (very convenient) and he called within a day to tell me both the good and the bad news. The bad news is that the machine couldn't be saved. The good news is th...  More
- Karen Fetty

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Long Island Commercial Wifi
Installation, Repair & Consulting Services

Commercial, Industrial, Office & Business, WE COME TO YOU!

If you would like to schedule a professional on-site service or walkthrough call;

CALL NOW (516)889-0777


Professional Long Island Commercial Wi-fi Repair, Maintenance & Installation

Specializing in Long Island Commercial Internet Network Solutions, Secure Wi-fi Networking



Long Island Motel Wi-fi Building Services

Networks by Design, Inc. has Commercial Wi-fi Services that have technicians located on Long Island, New York. We have a combined experience of over 25 years in Long Island Computer Networking & wireless networking troubleshooting and consulting. We have worked with many business owners and IT professionals assisting them in their journey to turn their building into a Commercial Wi-Fi hotspot on Long Island. Our staff is able to guide you through the entire process from getting your computers from a wired network to a complete wireless environment.

4 Steps to Starting Your Commercial Wifi Setup:
  1. Tell us your needs
  2. Setup a walkthrough
  3. Read a Simple No Obligation Proposal
  4. Agreeing to start the work

Our consultants are able to: Long Island WIFI
  • Plan out the proper coverage area
  • Troubleshoot, Configure Entire Network
  • Recommended parts
  • Buy the proper hardware
  • Install all of the proper drivers
  • Get the internet running fully
  • Setup secure network
  • VPN
  • Share folders, files throughout network
  • Setup users with permissions
  • Test hardware
  • Assist in the switchover from wired internet to secure wireless
  • Boost weak signals
  • and more

Long Island Building Wi-fi IT Professionals


If you would like to schedule a professional on-site service call;

CALL NOW (516)889-0777


Long Island Building Wifi Installation

Networks by Design, Inc. is fully capable of setting up your building(s) with flawless Wi-fi access in Long Island. When calling us, let us know the size of your facility and be ready to have knowledge of your location.. Based on the material your building is made out of and span of which the signal has to cover. The process is simple; call us -- tell us some basic information -- setup an appointment -- receive a no obligation proposal -- the rest is up to you. Let our team of experts walk you through the whole process. We are not looking to replace your IT staff we are just allowing them to focus on there job as we take your building and install the Wi-Fi internet.

Long Island Building Wifi Repair

Many times after your internet is setup there might be some glitches in the system. Our team at Networks by Design, Inc. will be able to properly diagnose all of your problems and get your building back online using the Wi-fi you pay for and depend on. Please just give us a call and let us know the problem you are having; sometimes it could be system wide outage, sometimes it could be just an isolated issue. Either way let us know what the problem is and who is effected and we will dispatch a technician as soon as possible. 

Our Long Island Wi-fi networking service technicians Repair problems like Wireless networkwork services

  • Connectivity problems
  • Reconnecting lost printers and folders into the network
  • Eliminate network errors
  • Changing WEP keys
  • Add new users / computers to network
  • LAN / WAN
  • Messaging Systems
  • As well as other tasks that every computer network should have.
  • Allow our technicians to handle your entire network.


Long Island Hotel / Motel Wifi Consultants

Get your property on Motel WIFI Access. Your competition is doing it do not be left behind!


If you would like to schedule a professional on-site service call;

CALL NOW (516)889-0777


Looking to get your Long Island Motel or Hotel on WIFI Internet?

Long Island Wireless Consultant

We can help you get your entire property online. We have the experience to get your Motel online through various methods and hardware so your guest can enjoy WIFI access throughout your property. We can get every room on multiple  levels connected to your WIFI connection. In most cases you do not have to upgrade your cable model or get a larger 'Pipe' to split the internet.

We can set it up your Motel for Wifi in multiple ways

  1. Public Wifi - Anyone within the range of the internet can connect and get online
  2. Secure - You would have to give them the pass code to log in.

Long Island Business & Office Wifi Experts

We are your local WIFI experts able to get your business or office online without running wires. We understand the need for wi-fi access especially with mobile devices and laptops at the work place becoming more and more popular. Our Wi-Fi technicians can support 1 user up to 10,000+ users at a time. We are able to repair, install and maintain your wireless Wifi network.

Our Long Island Wifi Repair service confront problems like
  • Wiring, installation
  • Setup of wireless networks
  • Surveying your Land
  • Creating a secure WI-FI zone
  • Setting up a home or office network
  • Setting up users with file permissions (keep people out of the places they shouldn't access)
  • Offer other features that every computer network should have.
  • No contact necessary, but they are available.


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