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I use my computer for a home based business and a virus hit my computer. I could not do anything the computer wouldn't even go online. I called Networks by Design they picked up my computer and had it back to me within 3 days. They are a great company that I will recommend to friends, family and colleges. You guys are the best.
- Diane G. (Long Beach, NY)

I was completely assisted through every step of the process. The Tech was helpful and had great knowledge of programs. Had me fixed very fast. Saved me a fortune compared to other computer repair services out there. Overall experience was positive and I would not hesitate to refer your services. I already have been refering you!
- Lynn M. (Islip, NY)

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Long Beach Computer Repair


Our Long Beach Computer Repair division, provides local onsite services for Long Beach as well as Pickup and Drop off services for our Long Beach residential and commerical customers. Our Long Beach based computer repair technicians are experienced and skilled; in fixing Computers, Servers, troubleshooting and repairing Laptops, Computers Services and Networks Services in / on Long Beach, New York.



Trust Our Long Beach Computer Repair Experts with your sensitive data


We have worked with many companies and families throughout Long Island and especially in Long Beach. We service both home and commercial accounts to get you the Long Beach computer repair & IT services that you need. Read some of our testimonials from real clients.



We believe in NO SURPRISES! What does that mean?

There is nothing worse than an unhappy customer, and that is why we strive to make sure that our customers are satisfied and that is why when you leave our facility, you will not have to try and guess our prices, you will know exactly what your repair is going to cost you.  We offer free diagnostics to troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing.  After our diagnostics is complete, a Technician will call you and give you the status of your Computer / Device. Our Technician will also give you the price to fix your Computer / Device, and any other recommendations he may have for you.  Our policy is to always inform the customer of the price, before starting any repairs.  There are instances when problems might fix themselves during our Diagnostics testing, we will inform you whether or not the problem might be fixed during the Diagnostics.  Our Long Beach computer repair services will be able to solve your problems and inform you on what went wrong.  Trust our IT Service of Long Beach to solve all of your computer problems.



Do we make Long Beach computer repair house calls? YES..


Thanks to our dedicated staff and our locations throughout Long Island, we can service Long Beach computers from Queens to Montauk. We also provide emergency services on the weekends, if needed. Someone is always available to answer your call.


Top Virus/Spyware/Malware Hitting Computers

XP antivirus 2011

  • Flame Virus
  • Microsoft 2012 Security Essential Antivirus
  • Security Center Anti Virus
  • ZeroAccess, Sinowal
  • Whistler
  • Phanta
  • Trup
  • Stoned
  • RLoader
  • Cidox
  • Cmoser
  • Parite.B virus
  • Alman.Nab Virus



When we needed fast computer service for a remote office, we chose Networks by Design. They were extremely pleasant to deal with. They quickly came to the office and diagnosed the problem. They were very thorough. We are highly confident in the expertise of their technicians, and we will definitely use them again. Thanks!
- Tom B. (Celino & Barnes, Buffalo, NY)

Last year my Dell computer with Microsoft XP crashed with a fatal error “rootsystem32hal.dll missing”. I was not able to restart, log back in safe mode, or do much of anything to recover my hard drive files. I tried some fixes using internet help sites, calling the Dell Service line, and even took it to the Best Buy Geek Squad for assistance. The Geek Squad even said that the computer was too corrupted for them to do anything. I then looked into professional data recovery services, and came across Networks By Design, who were able to recover all of the data I needed. They were very professional in their service and in explaining the extent of the problem to me, and it was a pleasure working with them. I would fully recommend using their services.
- Bill B. (Lake Grove, NY)

Computers Have Become a Part of your Life

Whether you are a business professional, a student, a worker, a shopkeeper, or whatever profession you are in, computers are helping and assisting us to carry out many complex tasks which we cannot afford to do manually or without the aid of computers or tablets.

Computer Problems Happen When Least Expected

With the increased use of computers there is more of risk of something going wrong with the computer like contracting a digital virus, crashing, blue screening, power issues and more. After all it's a machine and excess use or abuse will have a direct effect on it's performance.

That is where a Long Beach Computer computer repair company like Networks by Design are professional in dealing with various kinds of computer repair issues.

A Full Spectrum of Long Beach Computer Repair Services

Many Long Beach computer repair companies now-a-days are servicing both laptop repair and PC repair that work for both with commercial and residential clients. Networks by Design is able to handle large and small jobs from a family who contracted a computer virus or a large lawfirm whose server crashed.

We are a team of computer repair professionals willing to go the extra mile for our customers and not to surprise anyone with a large bill that is bloated or a rip-off. We have the proper knowledge and experience to walk into any situation with confidence.

Commonly Fixed Computer Related Problems

Types of Computer can we Repair in Long Beach


We can fix any Windows and Mac based computers. Below is a list of Computer Manufactures that we support and service. Long Beach Computer repair is second nature to us. We are priced better than the other geeks out there. see supported system types


If You would like to schedule a professional on-site service call;


CALL NOW (516)889-0777 or (631)346-6231





24 Hour Drop Off Available


Long Beach Laptop Screen Replacement

We take laptop screen replacement very seriously. We have some LCD Laptop screens in stock ready be installed into your computer. Many times people think they need a new laptop when they do not. A simple screen swap would work fine.
How to spot a screen that can be replaced
  • Psychically Broken Screen
  • Vertical Lines through the display
  • Dim or dull LCD Screen
  • Blinking LCD Screen

How does the LCD replacement service work?
  • We will ask you to bring your laptop to our office.
  • See if we have the screen in stock.
  • We will research your laptop and find out which screen would work.
  • When we find it we will give you a call and let you know how much it is to repair your laptop.
  • Up until this step you owe us no money and we will tell you the price of the screen.
  • If it is too expensive we will advise you not to replace it.
  • To schedule a appointment to bring your laptop down Call - 516-889-0777.



Long Beach Virus Removal

We have extensive knowledge in Virus, Spyware and Adware removal. Let our technicians remove any virus you have. Many times your computer maybe infected with a virus and a virus removal is all you need.
Learn more about Long Beach Virus Removal Service or call 516-889-0777 or (631)346-6231 .

Learn more about virus removal or call 516-889-0777


Long Beach Laptop Repair

Have a laptop and need to get it working again? We have the Technicians ready to repair your laptop or computer at a moments notice.
What type of issues can we repair on your laptop?
  • Virus, Spyware, Adware Removal
  • Pop-up's
  • Laptop won't Charge
  • Dead Laptops
  • Dead or Non-charging Batteries
  • Broken LCD Screen (Monitor Replacement)
  • Missing or Broken Keyboard
  • Data Recovery
  •  Program Errors
  • Slow Start-ups
  • Driver Conflicts
  • Sudden Freezing
  • Wireless Setup
  • USB Wireless Device Setups Alltel, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, ACS
  • Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Memory Upgrade (RAM)
  • Data Transfer
  • If you don't see your laptop issue listed, call us @ 516-889-0777 or (631)346-6231

How does the Laptop Repair Service Work?
  • We will ask you to bring your laptop to our office.
  • We will diagnose your laptop for free
  • We will call you and let you know the options.
  • Once agreed on a set price we will move forward with the repair.
  • We believe in no surprise computer repair.
  • To schedule a appointment to bring your laptop down to our store by calling (516)889-0777 or (631)346-6231.



Other Popular Services:


Long Beach Computer Installation

- Buying a computer is a big decision however we offer a simple decision when it comes to setting it up. We will come to your home or office and provide a computer installation service covering software, hardware and printers. While there we can network and transfer files. When speaking to us make us aware of your expectations.



Pre-Buy Computer Service

- Have you ever heard of overkill? Speak to us and we will listen to what you use your computer for and we will get you a computer that will be perfect for what you actually use the computer for. People don't know what type of computer is needed and often overspend on a new computer. So use our pre-buy service and we will draw up a proposal and see if it meets your needs.



Custom Built Computers

- Want a computer built to your specifications? You don't need a brand name when you have solid manufacturer warranties. We build custom 'Super' computers all the time for gamers or people who require heavy computing. When you need a Long Beach Custom Computer call us.



Password Reset

- Many times we meet clients that inherit a computer or just simply forgot there password. We can reset the password on your computer so you can log back in.



Printer Setup / Network

- Buying a new printer sounds easy but setting it up is a different story. We can setup wireless printers or just make the printer work with a single computer.



Internet Troubleshooting

- Can get online? We are able to solve this computer issue.



Reinstall Operating System (Windows or Apple)

- If your computer is at a point where it has to be reinstalled we can handle that. We offer FREE DIAGNOSTICS on computer problems and most of the times we can fix the problem without reinstalling the whole operating system.



Software Installation/Re-installation

- Have a program that is giving you trouble? Let our technicians help this common computer problem. You worry about your day we will worry about the problems.



Long Beach Server Installation

- When you purchase a new server it is important to set it up properly. Many times they are installed wrong and the performance of the environment is effected negatively. Let our IT technicians install your server and setup the environment.



Email Setup

- Need help configuring your email to your Outlook, Thunderbird, Blackberry, Android, iPhone. We will do the grunt work to get your email address working properly.



Online Backup

- Lazy about backing up or want to backup online with the 'Cloud'? call us and we have several options to help you.



Monthly Service Plans

- We can handle any business on Long Island. Speak to us about monthly service plans to keep your business up and running.



Long Beach Computer House Calls

- Have a problem and need your computer to stay with you at all times try our concierge service. We can do mostly everything you need on-site (*Hourly rates apply).



Long Beach IT Consulting

- Have an IT problem and need an IT Company able to service your business. Our Long Beach IT Consultants are able to perform any task with our expert computer service. We can start your network from scratch or take over after another tech company has stopped.  Our Long Beach IT consulting service has you covered.



Long Beach Cabling

- Running wires? We can run your network cables or phone cables in your office or new location.




Our Trained Long Beach Computer Repair Technicians Service these types of issues

Depending on your computer if you experience any of these problems we can have a Long Beach computer repair technician fixing your computer and solving these computer related problems:
Virus Removal, Spyware Removal, Adware Removal, Pop-up's, Program Errors, Slow Start-ups, Driver Conflicts, Sudden Freezing, Installation of Programs, Uninstall Programs, Customize Displays for Visually Impaired, any Basic Computer Repair. If you do not see your problem listed above and you would like to virtually look at your computer issued please call us or to schedule an appointment - (516)889-0777 or (631)346-6231.

Liquid Coolant Troubleshooting & Recharging Service

Our technicians have years of experience diagnosing and fixing many types of liquid coolant systems. Many owners do not know the basics of these systems and many liquid coolant systems need maintenance or the computer will remain broken.
Problems you might be having that we can help you out with:
  • Overheating
  • Leakage
  • Low Coolant
  • Pump failure
  • Unexplained Noise
  • Frequent Shutdowns
  • Freezing of computer

Services we can perform on your liquid coolant system:

  • Recharging
  • Pump Replacement
  • Tube Replacement
  • Leak Stoppage
  • Radiator replacement
  • Coolant Flush
  • and more.

If you having any of these problems please contact us. We can fix many liquid coolant related problems. Call (516)889-0777 or (631)346-6231 to see if we can help you.


Computer or Laptop Upgrades

When you feel like your computer is running slow and your not ready to get a new computer, consider upgrading your laptop or computer. Upgrading can greatly improve performance on many levels. Most times when people bring in there computer we will give them choices to upgrade their computer to make their computer more enjoyable to use. This also includes upgrading your computer to a newer Operating System.
A couple of reasons to upgrade your computer
  • Speed
  • Performance
  • Response Time
  • Faster Start up
  • Programs run smoother
  • System will react faster
  • You will enjoy starting and using your computer
  • You will not need a new computer
  • Graphics look better
  • Graphics load faster
  • Video Streams more easily
  • Newer Versions of a Operating System

Things we can upgrade on your computer

  • Memory or Ram
    • We will look at your current memory and let you know your options.
  • Hard Drives
    • Running out of space? We can transfer you stuff onto a bigger hard drive.
    • Older drives start to fail and slow down.
  • Video Card
    • Most video cards that come with the computer are not as powerful as you wish they where.
    • Heavy Gamers or people that watch video's or look at pictures will enjoy a simple video card upgrade
  • Operating System - Upgrade and Migration
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Mac OS
  • and more.

If you having any of these problems please contact us. We can fix many liquid coolant related problems. Call (516)889-0777 or (631)346-6231 to see if we can help you.


Blue Screen & Black Screen Repair

These are two very common problems and they both mean you can't use your computer until you get them fixed. Our technicians know how to figure out what the problem is through our free diagnostics when you drop off your computer. Call 516-889-0777 or (631)346-6231 to see if we can help you repair your problem. Sometimes these problems are a 1,2,3 problem with simple solutions and sometimes they require more effort. Either way we won't charge you anything until we tell you. We believe in being a valuable service and someone you would want to refer to your friends and family.
Problems that could cause blue screens:Long Beach Blue Screen Repair
  • Overheating
  • Corrupt Files
  • Virus Attacks
  • Power Outages
  • Bad Memory
  • Misconfigured BIOS
  • and many more issues that we know about

If your computer screen never turns on and remains black please check the following:

  • You have the cord plugged into the back of the computer
  • You have the cords plugged into the wall
  • Your computer responds when you power it on (The lights light up, but the monitor stays off)

If you have tried all of these suggestions please Call (516)889-0777 or (631)346-6231 to see if we can help you. Tell us what steps you have taken to try and correct the issue.


What you should know about our company

We have the ability to work with your business providing custom software or we know how to deal with your 3rd party proprietary software. We specialize in Virus Removal, Data Retrieval, Back-Up Solutions and installation of Networks and Computers for internet use. We understand our client’s needs and prefer to diagnose and troubleshoot the issues on-site with our professional technicians. In some cases, the client's computers needs to be removed from the original environment, brought back to our service center, and are usually returned within two to three business days with all of their personal/professional documents and settings successfully restored after sterilizing the machine. Note we are the only 24/7 Computer Company with a drop off Location open with a live person.

Our services are vast and not limited to: Virus Detection/Removal, Spyware/Ad-ware Prevention, Data Recovery Services, Hardware Setup/Installation Software Setup/Installation, Network Setup/Installation, Server Setup/Configuration, Wireless Networking.

Long Beach Computer Repair Service Covers
  • Driver Conflicts
  • Sudden Freezing
  • Installation of Programs
  • Uninstall Programs
  • Blue Screen
  • No Sound
Supported Macintosh OS Versions Supported Windows OS Versions
Supported Computer Manufacturers

If You would like to schedule a professional on-site service call;
Call us at (516)889-0777 or or (631)346-6231

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